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Web Traffic For A Site

Why Use Push Notifications To Increase Your Web Traffic and Sales Conversion rates by 50%?


Push notifications are messages designed to pop up on a user’s screen, draw them to your site, enhance their interest, and keep them engaged.

When push notifications are used correctly, conversion rates will improve by as much as 50% over that of emails for new subscribers, even when they aren’t online.

Each push notification allows you to improve brand awareness without the requirement of knowing the user’s email address. This increases the chances of a better ROI from the marketing campaigns on your site.

Here are some examples of brands effectively using push notifications to boost engagement to inspire you:

JetBlue offers high value, practical content that helps to improve the flying experience.

The Bump is an app for first-time moms that delivers status updates about the ongoing development and growth of their child.

La Redoute started a push notification campaign where mobile app users would be contacted if they left the store with an item still in their cart.

Ticketmaster utilizes geo-targeting and assesses user histories to determine what types of events people like attending.

How To Improve Your Website Seo rankings?


This simple tactic can potentially increase the visibility of your brand and help improve the authority of your website.
It's a simple solution that utilises schema markup a vocabulary or type of code used to label a website’s content to make it more visible for Google’s algorithms.

Adding frequently asked questions (FAQ) to a site adds weight to those searches as the subject matter is made more clear for Google. By structuring data, you’re adding clarity to different categories of subjects, and this is increasingly expected by Google.

Then, there’s the added benefit of improving your site ranking and creating a superior user experience for your customers.

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How Minor Content Updates Would Improve Web Traffic For A Site?

Keyword research is the cornerstone for all other areas of digital marketing practice, making everything run more efficiently.

Relevant keywords help to engage potential customers, drive traffic, and online sales – and, therefore, ROI.

Even more, by analyzing keywords and current market trends, you can get a much clearer idea of what your customers want.

Longtail keywords account for 70% of online searches.

The more closely your web content matches to popular terms, the greater your chances of reaching the correct audience.

Simply put, when keyword phrases work well, your chances of ranking higher in search engine platforms skyrockets. But keyword relevance changes constantly… which means it’s an ongoing project.

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